West Bend 58002 Coffee Maker – Great for Large Events

The electric 1090 watt West Bend 58002 coffee maker is a high-capacity coffee maker that will produce a great cup of coffee. Designed for brewing coffee for a larger crowd, the West Bend 58002 coffee maker will make your party or gathering that much easier without the fuss of making several smaller pots of coffee. The pour over coffee equipment has a 12-42 cup capacity and is about 17 inches tall. It weighs only 4 ½ pounds and is manufactured from a sturdy, polished aluminum. The West Bend 58002 coffee maker can brew about one cup of coffee per minute making it quick and efficient for any party or event.

Boasting heat-resistant handles, base, filter basket, and lid, the West Bend 58002 coffee maker provides the utmost safety in regards to avoiding burns. You don’t have to worry about brushing your arm against the base or grabbing the handles and burning yourself. Short of actually dumping the pot of coffee onto yourself, you will not get burned by the West Bend 58002 coffee maker.

The permanent coffee filter is also a great feature that will save you money, as there is no need to worry about stocking up on disposable coffee filters. Additional features on the West Bend 58002 coffee maker include a serving light, coffee level gage, water mark levels on the inside, drip-less faucet, and twist lock cover.

The West Bend 58002 coffee maker also will keep the entire 42-cup pot of coffee heated throughout the entire day, so there is no need to worry about serving cold coffee to your guests. Finally, the West Bend 58002 coffee maker is not limited in its use to just brewing coffee. You can heat plain water in the base to offer drinks like hot tea and hot cocoa to your guests.

Keep in mind, however, that the West Bend 58002 coffee maker is designed for events and parties so it does not provide many of the standard features you would find on the coffee maker in your home. There is no clock or digital timer on the West Bend 58002 coffee maker.

The West Bend 58002 coffee maker is a great way to produce a large quantity of coffee in minimal time. Your next party or event will be much more enjoyable for the host and the guests alike if there is a West Bend 58002 coffee maker available. The West Bend 58002 coffee maker is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the other coffee urns of similar capacity on the market.

Soundcast Melody Bluetooth Speaker Review

The SoundCast Melody is in a league of its own because of the size and power produced by the speaker. There really are no portable Bluetooth Speakers at this weight and size. The price tag also contributes to why the SoundCast Melody is in its own league but boy is it worth it and to us this is one of the best inexpensive bluetooth speakers.

Features and Design:

The SoundCast Melody is currently the latest and smallest Bluetooth speaker from SoundCast. The body of the speaker is nice and elegant. The speaker is made from high quality white plastic and the grill is made from metal. The speaker does not feel cheap in any way. All the master controls are on the top of the speaker and are rubberized. There is Aux port in the back along with a micro USB also covered up with a rubberized cover for water protection.

A hefty weight of 9 pounds is definitely not light when it comes to portability but a nice seamless handle makes it pretty easy to take it on the go. The speaker dimensions are 9 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches tall. The speaker is most likely intended to be used outdoors and it is water resistant so you can leave it out in the rain or take it with you on a boat ride but it is certainly not water proof. The internal battery allows the speaker to play for up to 20 hours which is great for the size and sound it produces. The speaker can be charged within a few hours with a car charger, USB and a regular charger which are all included.

The speaker is supported by Bluetooth 3.0 so you get good range up to 35 feet with no obstacles in the way. With the Bluetooth 3.0 you can also stream AAC and aptX files for a few of you that are audiophiles. The speaker lacks speakerphone but we don’t think you really need it in a speaker that is meant for outdoors and provides entertainment for a bigger crowd.

Sound Quality:

The SoundCast Melody has powerful, loud and very clear sound. We took the SoundCast Melody to the park for the day and it really projects sound so you can hear it very well even from 25 feet away. The sound is delivered equally all around no matter where you would be standing thanks to the clever 360 design. The sound is punchy and clear and there is no distortion even when the speaker is maxed out.The speaker’s 3-inch full-range drivers and radiators produce excellent mid to upper bass and the upper mids are very strong and clear. The speaker however does lack dedicated tweets so those high frequencies are not very prominent.

We loved the SoundCast Melody but we where not in love.The quality is great the sound is superb, great battery life but the price is a bit steep, for us anyway.

Product Details

  • Speaker Weight: 9 pounds
  • Speaker dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 9 Inches

Whats in the box

  • SoundCast Melody
  • 12v Car charger
  • Wall Charger

Video Games Are like Candy: Mom’s Dilemma

A video game is like candy. We let them have it, try to monitor it, we moderate their intake, all while feeling guilty for letting them have it at all. Once the get a taste of either, an uphill battle ensues. When you live with a family with a gaming teen (I have a step-teen) and an spouse who plays video games, it’s only a matter of time before the youngest family member will start playing, too. Oh sure, it’ll start out innocently enough, with just watching. Then the youngest will start playing. Even when you limit the video game playing time, extracting your kids from the exciting game can be a struggle. What’s a mom to do?
Delay video gaming for as long as possible – Protect your youngest kids from watching and playing the video games as long as you can. Once they start it becomes a major part of their lives and conversations. This can be extremely difficult when your spouse is not in agreement with you about the right age to start game playing.

Use video games as a reward – Let kids earn their video game time with good listening and behavior. Give them tokens or stars to earn half and hour of gaming time.

Limit video game playing with a timer – One huge issue with some video game console games is that there is no good place to quit. The child will ask if he can play until a “save” point or until he reaches the next level. The problem is this is usually an extra 30 minutes at minimum. Many of the popular PS3 Lego game are set up this way.

Monitor video game play – Beware of the “E” for Everyone rating on some video games. The appropriate age group for “E” for Everyone is for ages six and up. A similar rating is “E10+.” This is the most problematic group of games for kids ages six to 10. They have some violence (think “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars”) and they can be too difficult for some kids. They can become a source of frustration rather than fun, even when the child is playing with an adult.

Buy educational hand-held games – There are educational hand-held games available that teach everything from early penmanship to spelling, reading, math and geography.

Play online games together – Become your child’s video game partner and find games to play together. If you play FarmVille (no, of course you don’t), it’s a good way to let your child learn how to use a mouse and basic computer navigation. Starfall has educational games for early readers. The point is to find games that increase not diminish your time together.