Soundcast Melody Bluetooth Speaker Review

The SoundCast Melody is in a league of its own because of the size and power produced by the speaker. There really are no portable Bluetooth Speakers at this weight and size. The price tag also contributes to why the SoundCast Melody is in its own league but boy is it worth it and to us this is one of the best inexpensive bluetooth speakers.

Features and Design:

The SoundCast Melody is currently the latest and smallest Bluetooth speaker from SoundCast. The body of the speaker is nice and elegant. The speaker is made from high quality white plastic and the grill is made from metal. The speaker does not feel cheap in any way. All the master controls are on the top of the speaker and are rubberized. There is Aux port in the back along with a micro USB also covered up with a rubberized cover for water protection.

A hefty weight of 9 pounds is definitely not light when it comes to portability but a nice seamless handle makes it pretty easy to take it on the go. The speaker dimensions are 9 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches tall. The speaker is most likely intended to be used outdoors and it is water resistant so you can leave it out in the rain or take it with you on a boat ride but it is certainly not water proof. The internal battery allows the speaker to play for up to 20 hours which is great for the size and sound it produces. The speaker can be charged within a few hours with a car charger, USB and a regular charger which are all included.

The speaker is supported by Bluetooth 3.0 so you get good range up to 35 feet with no obstacles in the way. With the Bluetooth 3.0 you can also stream AAC and aptX files for a few of you that are audiophiles. The speaker lacks speakerphone but we don’t think you really need it in a speaker that is meant for outdoors and provides entertainment for a bigger crowd.

Sound Quality:

The SoundCast Melody has powerful, loud and very clear sound. We took the SoundCast Melody to the park for the day and it really projects sound so you can hear it very well even from 25 feet away. The sound is delivered equally all around no matter where you would be standing thanks to the clever 360 design. The sound is punchy and clear and there is no distortion even when the speaker is maxed out.The speaker’s 3-inch full-range drivers and radiators produce excellent mid to upper bass and the upper mids are very strong and clear. The speaker however does lack dedicated tweets so those high frequencies are not very prominent.

We loved the SoundCast Melody but we where not in love.The quality is great the sound is superb, great battery life but the price is a bit steep, for us anyway.

Product Details

  • Speaker Weight: 9 pounds
  • Speaker dimensions: 9 x 9.5 x 9 Inches

Whats in the box

  • SoundCast Melody
  • 12v Car charger
  • Wall Charger

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